About Us

The Itravel Group companies date back 144 years to our founding in 1873.
Itravelafrica is a large and pre dominant African tour operator in many of its source markets and has a global sales office network.
Our core source markets are the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and Brazil.
We sell 54 African countries, islands and territories, and we control the destination management companies and services in many of these localities.
We specialize in VIP services, FIT travel, Group Tours, Corporate Travel, Meetings and Incentives, Sports and Adventure travel, Charter Operations and the hosting of Government delegations.
South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Mauritius’s regional head offices are at the core of our operations in Africa and the Indian Ocean.
Itraveltheworld, our global non African brand is a fast growing affordable luxury exotic tour operator specializing in South America, India and Australasia with on ground services in all of these localities.
As a one stop tour operator, time and money is saved using Itravel services and expertise.
We speak many languages and our highly skilled colleagues are well travelled and extremely knowledgeable on our full product range.
We look forward to being of service.
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