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ITRAVELAFRICA and ITRAVELTHEWORLD present their latest incentive program ‘REWARDS CARD’ which is a Loyalty Card, designed specifically for certain categories of our customers to earn benefits in return for purchasing travel arrangements through any of the Itravel companies.

‘REWARDS CARD’ offers its members accommodation, dining and partnership privileges throughout all Itravelafrica and Itraveltheworld listed and participating Hotels, Lodges and other Travel related services. ‘Members are entitled to special discounts and can redeem their points earned in return for accommodation and other related travel services.

When you become a member of the ‘REWARDS CARD’ club, a new world of travel opens up and you will automatically qualify for various benefits, with added points earned for all bookings made directly with our ITRAVELAFRICA or ITRAVELTHEWORLD reservations teams.

How does it work?

Firstly you will need to register as a new ‘REWARDS CARD’ club member. Should you qualify, we will send you a specific Club membership number which (eg: RU-1234-5678-9876-5432) which will be your personal number to be used when making bookings and to be used when booking or redeeming points earned for you own personal use.

Points are earned on your spend through the Itravel companies and you will be able to log into your Rewards statement online at Members have a maximum of twelve months after which the points will be forfeited should you not have elected to travel or to redeem points.

‘REWARDS CARD’ allows members to redeem points earned for various travel services.

All booking requests to be made to

Earning Points and collecting rewards:

Points are earned in the quantum of 1 % of the value of your spend on all qualifying bookings through the Itravel companies.

Rewards earned and due for exchange are done so on a current pricing policy
Rewards can be earned in the following sectors:
i)              Air travel in Africa
             Air travel in the United States
            Hotel accommodation in Africa (Selected countries only)
            Hotel accommodation in Europe (Selected countries only)
             Hotel accommodation in Australia
            Hotel accommodation in South America (Selected countries only)
           Hotel accommodation in India
          Hotel accommodation in the United States
            Day tours in any of the destinations in (i) to (ix) above
             Consolidated tours in any of the destinations in (i) to (ix) above

Terms and Conditions:
* The participant to this Program must fill out a full registration form which is attached to the Rewards Program
   introductory letter
* The participant must be the holder of an rewards card
* Rewards can only be redeemed after the recording of rewards on the client statement
* Rewards can only be redeemed after the quantum of $ 100 in reward points has been achieved
* Outstanding and unused rewards have a validity period of 12 months from the date the reward is effectively
  earned and any rewards not redeemed within that 12 month time frame automatically lapse
* Rewards are non transferable in any form or manner whatsoever
* Rewards levels can be changed at any point in time but this shall not affect existing rewards already earned
* Rewards can be withdrawn at any point in time and for any reason whatsoever by the Itravel companies and
  this withdrawal is at the sole discretion of the Itravel companies and by signing up to the Itravel Rewards
  Program (C) all participants expressly acknowledge and accept this condition
* Rewards cannot be redeemed during any high season period, high booking period or any period when events
  such as conferences are in progress at any given locality
* Rewards are subject to availability and applicable terms and conditions
Please read the terms and conditions carefully as they pertain to the earning of points and the collecting of rewards.
Apply today for your Itravel Rewards card and start earning points
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