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AKWAABA! An expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Ghana, one that will ring in your ears and night and put a smile on you face for weeks after you have left. It means: "Welcome".

Welcome to a land with sandy palm-shaded beaches and jungle-fringed aquamarine lagoons, Ghana's long tropical coastline, though far from being a mainstream resort area, is arguably its biggest draw card for independent travellers.

Inland of the coast, Ghana sets out its credentials as a dream destination for ecologically-minded tourists, with a range of habitats embracing dense rainforests in the south, savannah in the centre, hiker-friendly mountains dotted with dramatic waterfalls in the east, and relatively arid sub-Sahelian plains in the far north.

  Bordering Countries   Capital City   Currency  
  Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo   Accra   Ghana Cedi (GHS)  
  Official Language   Largest City   Dialling code  
  English   Accra   +233  
  When to go

Ghana has a typically tropical climate thanks to its proximity to the equator and low elevations, the entire country lies below 1,000m (3300ft). Daytime temperatures are high throughout the year, approaching or surpassing 30°C (86°F) on most days, and humidity is also very high, especially along the coast. Temperatures tend to drop to around 20°C (68°F) drop at night, more noticeably in the relatively dry north than the humid south. The most temperate part of Ghana is the highlands area flanking the Volta Basin, which is often pleasantly cool after dusk.

Best time to go: July to August (Tends to be less rain during this time in the north, and generally no rain in the south)
High Season: June to August
Low Season:
September to December
Best Weather: July to October (Northern regions slightly cooler)
Worst Weather: April to June (When it's the rainiest)
Fast Fact

Kejetia market is the largest open air market in West Africa, located in Kumasi. Everything can be found there, from local crafts such as cloth, sandals and beads, to second-hand clothing and jeans
Electricity / Voltage
Plugs / sockets are usually an issue when it comes to traveling, so always make sure you travel with a universal plug adapter

The voltage is 230 V
The plug used is G
The electrical frequency is 50 Hz
Itravel's preferred Top Attractions
Brief descriptions of our recommended areas to visit
Accra has a mixture of modern buildings, shanty towns, occasional castle and lively markets. The central hub is around the Makola Market, just south of the market is the Atlantic ocean
A picturesque fishing town along Ghana's coast, not far from Cape Coast. It is home to one of Ghana's biggest attractions, St George's Castle. The stark beauty of the white-washed Castle walls contrast deeply with the dark history of this place.
    Kakum National Park
A dense tropical rain forest in southern Ghana. The forest is home to over 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, Mona-meerkats and civets. Over 250 bird species living in the forest. The highlight of any visit to Kakum, is a stroll on the Canopy Walkway that is built 30 meters above ground
    Mole National Park
Ghana's largest wildlife park and is located in north western Ghana. In Mole you can expect to see buffalo, roam antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and if you're very lucky, leopard. Lions have recently been re-introduced to the park.
Ghana has some lovely beaches but the most popular for the last decade has been the beaches around Kokrobite including Langma. Kokrobite is a quick 20 mile (30km) tro-tro ride away from the capital Accra. One of the main attractions here is the excellent Academy of African Music and Art
Kumasi is the former capital of Ghana's Ashanti Kingdom in southern-central Ghana. Kumasi is Ghana's second largest city with a population of around 1.5 million. The Ashanti are famous artisans, their gold jewelry and trinkets are famous throughout the world, as is their Kente cloth and wood-carved stools


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